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Tiny Traveler

7 splendid locations:

  • Amazing fishing
  • Fairy forest adventures
  • Astonishing marine life
  • Exciting Christmas market
  • Funny beach vacation
  • Exciting shopping affair
  • A trip to the countryside

Skills this game is designed to enhance:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration
  • Attention
  • Visual perception

Key features:

  • Best brain trainer
  • A ticking clock
  • Ad-free

Welcome to Tiny Traveler! Finally, we create this fascinating game to capture your child’s imagination! Of course, it’s not only a simple searching game, but also a source of knowledge. Moreover, Tiny Traveler is a colorful “encyclopedia”, which covers the areas, in which the kids aged 3 years and upward are interested.

So, there are a lot of locations: a cool winter town, a beautiful fair. Also, your kid can visit a nice store for kids, amazing autumn forest, exciting farm with harvesting, incredible underwater life and funny beach experience.

In fact, your kid can become a part of animal life, know more about different seasons and various animal’s habitat. What can be found under the ground in winter? How do animals live or what they eat? How does marine life look like?

What different species are beneath the ocean? All these and even more you will know, if you become a part of Tiny Traveler! So, this game is waiting for you. Get ready for incredible adventure!

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